Awards and Publications


Moscow Foto Awards

Gold, Nature - Aerial: Rivers (series)
Silver, Nature - Flowers: Three
Bronze, Nature - Landscape: Green (Series)

The Spider Awards

3rd Place - Honor of Distinction: Emergence
Nominee, Abstract: Fractales
Nominee, Nature: Mirrors
Nominee, Nature: Kingdom
Nominee, Nature: Highlands
Honorable Mention, Silhouette: Black
Honorable Mention, Nature: Abandon
Honorable Mention, Fine Art: Communication

Epson Pano Awards

In Top of the 50 placing Images (12/50): Lascar
Gold: Lascar
Bronze: Laguna Storm
Bronze: Underground
Bronze: Ghosts
Bronze: Thoughts
Bronze: Fractales

International Photography Awards

Honorable Mention: Ghosts
Honorable Mention: Kingdom
Honorable Mention: Terraces

11th Pollux Awards

Honorable Mention, Fine Art: Abandon
Honorable Mention, Fine Art: Vague à Lames
Honorable Mention, Fine Art: Rivers (Series)
Honorable Mention, Landscapes: The Peacock
Honorable Mention, Landscapes: Falling Stars
Honorable Mention, Landscapes: Vik
Honorable Mention, Landscapes: Origin
Honorable Mention, Landscapes: Meeting
Honorable Mention, Landscapes: The River And The Ocean

Monochrome Awards

1st Place Winner, Landscapes: Origin
Honorable Mention, Fine Art: Chaos
Honorable Mention, Fine Art: River
Honorable Mention, Landscapes: Dawn
Honorable Mention, Landscapes: Lights in Darkness
Honorable Mention, Wildlife: White on white

Fine Art Photography Awards

Nominee, Landscape: Lagunas (Series)
Nominee, Nature: Forest (Series)




Color Awards

Nominee, Nature: Sky's Creepers 

Fine Art Photography Awards

Nominee, Fine Art & Nominee, Landscape: From Nowhere to Elsewhere (Series)
Nominee, Fine Art & Nominee, Landscape: Winter Light (Series)
Nominee, Landscape: Low (Series)
Nominee, Landscape: High (Series)

International Landscape Photographer of the Year

Top 101 Award: Aurora Borealis
Top 101 Award: The Wave

International Photographer of the Year 

Third Place, Nature, Trees : Cloud Forest
Honorable Mention, Landscape: High (Series)

Moscow Foto Awards

Silver Landscape: From Nowhere to Elsewhere (Series)

Monochrome Awards

Honorable Mention, Landscape: Aurora
Honorable Mention, Fine Art: Untitled
Honorable Mention, Landscape: The Wave
Honorable Mention, Landscape: A Christmas Day
Honorable Mention, Wildlife: Opposite

The Spider Awards 

Nominee Nature: Modrudalur
Honorable Mention Nature: Nordic Fusion
Nominee Wild Life: Opposite
Nominee Nature: Aurora
Nominee Nature: The Wave
Honorable Mention Nature: Black Hill



Big Picture

Finalist - Landscape: Evening Fall in Atacama

Bio Photo Contest

Finalist:  Laguna Storm

Color Awards

Nominee Nature: From Nowhere To Elsewhere
Nominee Nature: Black Hills

Fine Art Photography Awards

Second Place, Landscape : Vik (Series)
Nominee, Landscape: Ice (Series)

International Landscape Photographer of the Year

Top 101 Award:

International Photography Awards

Honorable Mention, Fine Art Landscape: Atacama (Series)
Honorable Mention, Nature Landscape: Crater


Honor Award, Mountain: The Vessel

ND Awards

2nd Place Silver Award, Landscape: Atacama (Series)
Honorable Mention, Landscape: Three Frozen Instants (Series)

Photographer's Forum

Finalist: The Vessel

Prix de la Photographie Paris

Second Place (silver) - Fine Art Book : The Apocalypse According to Venus


Prix de la Photographie Paris

Third prize, Nature - Landscape: Winter Desolation (Series)
Third prize, Nature - Landscape: Mineral (Series)

Kontinent Awards 

Honorable mention Fine Art: Ice (Series)

U.S.A Landscape Photographer of the Year

Juror Choice: Thoughts

Unlimited Grain Gallery

Second runner up : Grains

Worldwide Photography Awards, Summer Awards

One of the four awarded "Best photographer"
Fine Art : Pause
Nature and Flowers : Giants


International Photography Awards

1st place, Aerial : From Green to Blue

Prix de la Photographie Paris

Blue Photo Contest, Honorable mention : Berlingot
Silver winner, Press - Nature / Environmental : Eruption

Portfolio published in "Réponses Photo"

International Fine Art Photography, Grand Prix de la Découverte

Finalist, Jury Awards of Merit : Hesitation 

Michael H. Kellicutt International Photo Show

3nd place : From Green to Blue

Festival Voies Off, Arles


Finalist Landscape : Laguna Storm


International Color Awards

Merit of Excellence, Aerial : Dancing Rivers
Honour of Distinction, Silhouette : Thoughts

International Photography Awards

2nd place, Editorial / Environmental : Eruption
Top-scoring from countries around the world, France, 1st place : A Night on Krafla Volcano

International Fine Art Photography, Grand Prix de la Découverte

Juror Awards of Merit, Abstract : Dancing Rivers
Juror Awards of Merit, Documentary : Eruption 

Blue Earth Photo Contest

1st place : When the Ice will disappear

The Kiernan Gallery, Between Dusk and Dawn

1st Juror Price : Dracula's Castle 

Prix de la Photographie Paris

Silver winner, Press - Nature / Environmental : Abandon

Published in "Réponses Photo"

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